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New technologies for protected areas


About This Course

As the field of new technologies is booming and connectivity is more and more available, it is important that protected areas take advantage of the digital revolution. The MOOC TECH will introduce the context of these technologies applied to conservation, existing techniques, prerequisites for their implementation, their scientific and / or technical basis, their opportunities and limitations, their uses in the field etc. Some basics in regards to communications, data storage, software and energy availability will be explained, and new developments such as blockchain will be presented along with examples from the field.

In order to follow the course properly, you should expect to invest between 5 and 10 hours per week/module.


There are no prerequisites for this course. However, depending on your knowledge and experience, we recommend that you you follow the MOOC "Protected areas management" before enrolling for this MOOC.

Course Staff

There are four main instructors presenting this course: Geoffroy Mauvais (IUCN-Papaco), Roman Eyholzer (Porini Foundation), Simon Hodgkinson (SEN) and Pierre-Yves Rochat (EPFL).The content of the course was created by these instructors as well as the teams of IUCN-Papaco, Senghor University and EPFL.

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